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At HIX, we know that watching a video is way more interesting than reading a brochure or manual. We have several short video programs that can help you make a decision on which HIX product to purchase, help you with operating your HIX equipment, and quite possibly show you a few techniques and tricks along the way.

Thanks for choosing HIX.


DoughXpress Videos

Introduction to DoughXpress
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DTXE-2-18 Commercial Semi-Automatic Dual Heat Presses

DM-18 Pizza Dough Manual Press

DX-JN Dough Divider

DTXM-2-18 Commerical Manual Pizza

DXE- Commercial Semi-Automatic Pizza Press

DM18NH- Manual Pizza Press

DXA Pizza Press (air automatic)

DXM- Manual Pizza Press



TXW- Tortilla Warmers

TXM-15 Swing Away Tortilla Press

DTXE-2-18 Commercial Semi-Automatic Dual Heat Presses

TXM-20 Clamshell Tortilla Press



DXSM-270 Bun and Bagel Slicer



Manual Meat Presses



DoughXpress Accessories