TXW-2025 Flat Grill

Efficient and Even Heating for Large Tortillas.

  • What better way to entice the appetite than with the sight and smell of fresh, hot tortillas? Combined with the DoughXpress Torilla Press, the TXW-2025 Flat Grill provides a fresh tortilla taste that keeps them coming back for more! Our tortilla warmers provide even heating on the large 20″ x 25″ surface. Our heating rods are similar to those found in industrial ovens so they heat quickly, work efficiently, and last longer.

    The TXW-2025 Flat Grill provides quick heating and even surface warmth. Durable 1” thick heat casting and safety heat guard. This unit require no skilled labor and have no operational age limitation.

    The aluminum grilling surface and heating provide efficient, even heating across the surface. The TXW-2025 is an easy, affordable way to improve your production time as well as your finished product. This unit is perfect for display cooking. Simply place freshly pressed or pre-pressed tortillas on surface, turn once, and remove using a spatula or oven mit. Fresh, hot tortillas make for an appetizing sight and smell that will attract your customers.

    • Single calrod for even heating – no cold spots.
    • Adjustable legs for leveling.
    • Heat indicating light turns off when set temperature is reached.
    • Optional feature: non-stick Xylan coating.
    • Easy to keep clean, wipe down with moist towel.
    • ETL and ETL Sanitation listed.
    • Sleek, modern design that is 6” H x 20” W x 25” D.
    • Shipping Weight: 80 lbs.
    • Electrical: 220 Volt / 50-60 Hz, 2850 Watts, 13 Amps, 6-20P NEMA Plug.
    • Temperature Range: Off – 425°F, 218°C upper platen.
    • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Display Tortilla Warmer 

    • Perfect in combination with DoughXpress Tortilla Press for display cooking.
    • Quick heating elements for efficient even surface heating.
    • Durable 1” thick heat casting
    • Safety heat guard.
    • Release agent applied at factory for non-stick warmer surface.

    • 20 seconds per side.
    • Produce up to 12 tortillas per 40 seconds or 1000/hr.
    Finished Product 

    • Fresh hot tortillas.
    • Appetizing sight and smell.
    • Homemade taste and texture vs. pre-packaged product.
    Grilling Tips 

    • Recommended Time:
      Fresh pressed tortillas… 20 seconds per side.
      Pre-packaged tortillas… 15 seconds per side.
    • Recommended Temperature:
      Set temperature control dial to #10.
      (approximately 450°F)

    • TXW-2025 is easy to use. Place freshly pressed or pre-packaged tortillas on surface turn once and remove using spatula or oven mitts. NOTE: Warmer not to be used for grease producing food items.

    • Warmers require no skilled labor.
    • Warmers are safe and have no age requirements.

    Features Include

    • Illuminated On/Off indication light.
    • Temperature control dial.
    • Single calrod for even heating; no cold spots.
    • Adjustable legs for leveling.

    Optional Features

    • Non-stick PTFE coated upper and lower platens.


    • ETL
    • ETL Sanitation

    Recommended Cleaning Instructions

    • Wipe down with a moist towel. If needed, use damp sponge with minimal soap and water and then dry off.

    Width: 20 inches, 50.8 centimeters
    Height: 6.22 inches, 15.8 centimeters
    Depth: 25.69 inches, 65.25 centimeters
    Shipping: 80 lbs.
    220v / 50-60Hz
    2850 Watts
    13 Amps
    6-20P NEMA Plug
    Temperature Range
    Off-425°F, 218°C upper platen