Hix Triple Play Screenprinting Promotion!


To coincide with Baseball season, we are running our new Triple Play Screenprinting Promotion for distributors. The promotion consists of BUY 3 GET 3 FREE and is designed for your customers who may need more than one product, such as:
• Schools setting up a new art department
• An embroidery company diversifying into screenprinting
• A new screenprinter getting into the business on a limited budget

The program is easy to understand (“Buy 3 get 3 Free”) and catchy (“Triple Play”). It is also very flexible (see the program details and the many options or upgrades the customer can elect). The program allows you (the distributor) to take control of the conversation, feel out the customer’s requirements, and then fulfill their needs with the exact mix of products they need, either purchased or free. It is based on the idea that customers like to receive free items as a reward for purchasing a number of products they need to start their new screenprinting business. A further advantage of a giveaway program is that the customer’s focus is more on what (paid or free) products suit him best rather than what price discounts can be negotiated – the free products represent the discount and is limited and well-defined.

To help you in this sales process, the following documents are available to download:

Sales sheet: Use this sheet in your conversation with the customer or as a template for your email blast, mailer, or website display. Add your logo and add your own “freebie.”

Web banner: Use ours or create your own to display on your website and link to the promotion sales sheet on your site.

Full details of the promotion: This document is for your internal use only. It will help you fine-tune your offer to the customer. As you will see, with each package and each item there are several upgrade options available. Even more upgrade options are possible, so contact us to check if you don’t find an exact match for the customer’s needs.

Screenprinting accessory price list: Here is an updated list of all printer accessories and options available. Note the drop in price of some items (such as the Vacuum table)!!

Triple Play Promotion Agreement: Join the promotion by agreeing to these very straightforward expectations and sign up in order to participate.

To participate in this promotion, all we need is your agreement. Please read the Promotion agreement and confirm to us that you agree to these simple guidelines.

The promotion starts Monday, April 6, 2015 and runs until the end of the year.

Although we have every intention to maintain all the details of the promotion, we do reserve the right to clarify or tweak any detail if needed during the course of the promotion. As always in a manufacturing environment, products may marginally change during the course of the promotion. If that is the case, the listed product will be substituted with the upgraded product.

Let’s Play Ball!