Manual Presses

For the growing pizza shop that is ready to move up and support higher demand, we offer these DoughXpress Manual Presses. DoughXpress presses are safe, economical, and easy to operate. They are the affordable way to improve your production time as well as your finished product.

Automatic Presses

For the high volume pizza shop that needs to compete in the fast-paced pizza business, we offer these DoughXpress Automatic Presses. Heavy-duty stainless steel construction makes our automatic presses the pride of the industry. Your dough operators will have the ability to speed up your production with faster pressing times and more consistent products.

Dough Equipment

Expand your dimensions with DoughXpress Dough Dockers, Dividers, and Rounders. These machines are vital to any shop that is looking to increase productivity and dough management. DoughXpress Dough Dividers allow for fast and accurate dough scaling. Our DoughXpress Dockers offer a wide range of docking platen sizes to fit any size operation.