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Air Compressors

Silent Air Compressor Packages

List Price $1,417.80

DoughXpress silent air compressor provides the air power you need to operate DoughXpress Air Automatic Equipment. Our 1.1 gallon capacity air compressor is a turnkey solution with an easy installation and start-up for most applications that need a source of quiet compressed air.

Air Compressor

DXC-3AC – Air Compressor Storage Cart

List Price $1,932.90

The DXC-3AC Machine Storage Cart adds mobility to your DoughXpress machines. Specially designed for air automatic presses, the DXC-3AC has a housing unit built-in for storing a DoughXpress compressor. It offers you the ability to place other related equipment on the available surface.


Machine Carts

DXC-3 Machine Storage Cart

List Price $504.90

The DXC-3 Machine cart is the ideal storage solution for your DoughXpress pizza or tortilla press. The four casters make the DXC-3 cart roll, providing mobility to your DoughXpress machines. Made from heavy duty stainless steel.


TXC-3 Machine Storage Cart

List Price $647.70

The TXC-3 Machine cart is ideal for storing your DoughXpress machine. The four casters add mobility to your TXC-3 cart for a portable work station. The TXC-3 has six storage racks for holding trays of Tortilla Dough balls that are ready to be pressed on your TortillaXpress press. Made from heavy duty stainless steel.


Pizza Dough Rings

DXP-DR Pizza Dough rings

List Price $100.98 each

The doughXpress® DXP-DR pizza dough rings set on the lower platen of any doughXpress® 18″ round dough press and forms a perfectly
shaped 10″, 12″ or 14″ circular crust ready to sauce and top without any additional shaping.

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dough ring 10 inch

Release Agents

Release Agent

List Price $24.48 each or $ 96.90 per 4 Pack

The DoughXpress Release Agent provides a non-stick surface on aluminum platens of food reparation equipment. Unlike manufacturer-applied coatings that bubble and are prone to scratching, DoughXpress Release Agent coats the surface and is resistant to high temperatures. Sixteen ounce bottles sold individually or by the case.

Release Agent

Storage Carts

DXDC-5 Dough Ball Cart

List Price $974.10

The DXDC-5 Dough ball cart holds up to 63 tubs of dough. The optional trays hold nine two-quart tubs. Four casters make the DXDC-5 portable and cut down on trips back and forth to get dough.


Storage Tubs

Dough Tubs

List Price $5.10 each

These two-quart air tight storage tubs are the perfect way to store and thaw dough balls prior to pressing dough.

Storage Tubs