Gluten Free Dough

pizzaartGluten allergies make it impossible for some to head down to the local pizzeria and enjoy a slice. Gluten is a composite of proteins; more specifically gliadin and gluten are often conjoined with starch in any common pizza dough. Individuals who are allergic to gluten cannot have common wheat, which is often used in pizza.

The good news is, dough can be made gluten free. Gluten free dough tends to be very sticky in comparison to your gluten dough. This brings us to the real issue… Can gluten free dough be pressed on a DoughXpress Pizza Dough press? And the answer is yes it can.

Gluten free dough is not an issue when using a dough press, as long as you are using parchment or baking paper. Simply lay down a sheet of paper, place your dough ball on the paper, cover the dough ball with a second sheet of paper, and press. The paper simply peels off and your crust is ready to make up and bake.