DX-BMIH Dough Divider

Two Machines in One Capability!

  • Expand your dimensions with the DX-BMIH Manually Operated Dough Divider. Now with one machine, dough may be divided into pieces that are small enough for mini-buns, hamburger or hot dog buns, dinner rolls, hoagies, poor boys, subs, pizza, and much more. The DX-BMIH features interchangeable head assemblies in either 36-part or 18-part divisions. This allows for fast and accurate scaling of dough in weights ranging from 36 pieces (from 1-4 ounces each) to 18 pieces (from 2 – 9 ounces each). The DX-BMIH is perfect for a variety of types of yeast-raised dough, including bread dough, bun dough, tortilla dough, pizza dough, cookie dough, and even ground meat or sausage. The DX-BMIH will give you consistent, repeatable results every time.

    The dividing head assembly removes easily in seconds without tools for easy cleaning in a sink or commercial dishwasher. When removed for cleaning or interchange, the entire head assembly can be placed into a sink or dishwasher for complete cleaning to a sanitary operating condition in just minutes per day.

    • 2-in-1 machine capabilities.
    • Lightweight and mobile when mounted to Portable Sand (P/N DX-B4-436-0072 not shown).
    • Dividing Head Assembly easily removed in seconds without tools for total cleanability and interchangeable with optional divider head assemblies.
    • Versatility – 1 oz. up to 9 oz.
    • One year full warranty.
    • 15″ H x 18” W x 24” D.
    • Shipping Weight: 68 lbs.
    • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Dual Platted Upper Platen 

    • Durable dual plated aluminum platens
    • Steel docking pins inserted and trapped between platen layers to ensure pins can not come out.
    • Weight of platen and steel docking pins provide better dough penetration, unlike molded plastic versions.
    Variable Thickness Control 

    • Makes it possible to achieve desired perforation.

    • Fast, safe and easy to use. Slide pressed dough onto bottom platen until dough carrier rests against magnetic stoppers on bottom platen, swing upper platen into place and pull down and raise handle.
    Finished Product 

    • Consistent crust after crust
    • No crust separation or bubbles
    • Maintains crust edge

    • Docker requires no skilled labor.
    • Docks crust in one motion to ensure consistency and eliminate arm fatigue.

    • DXDD is easy to use. Place pressed dough onto carrier, slide onto lower platen, swing upper platen into place then lower and raise handle.

    Features Include

    • Interchangeable docking platens
    • Swing-out upper platen for easy dough placement
    • Powder coated white finish with aluminum upper and lower platens
    • Stoppers on lower platen make for perfectly centered dough placement

    Optional Features

    • Docking platens available in – 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” & 18”

    Recommended Cleaning Instructions

    • Wipe down with a moist towel. If needed, use damp sponge with minimal soap and water and then dry off.

    Width: 16 1/26 inches, 49.91 centimeters
    Height: 15-1/4 inches, 38.74 centimeters
    Depth: 24 inches, 60.96 centimeters
    Shipping: 68 lbs.